Hello there and welcome to Nutrition with Supplements’ health and nutrition blog where you find out that your body is king! I’m Joshua, and I am a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist! I will be here to help guide you on losing that extra body fat safely and through proper physical activity and support you to improving your overall health! Let’s get to business!

Looking to lose extra body fat safely? Read further!

Are you looking for a way to lose that extra body fat? Let’s lose that body fat safely!

You’ve looked and maybe even tried those pesky “miracle pills” and find out that they don’t work and if they do they are expensive and have horrendous side effects that aren’t worth it in the long haul!

If you are looking for a coach, mentor, nutritionist, trainer, or professional friend who will help guide you with a personalized personal training program that will be suited to improve your body and mind the safe way! What you will learn and implement from this training will be able to be used to improve yourself forever in your future and possibly even others if only you stay determined to improving yourself and persevere!

What do I pay for? Why pay someone for training?

I mean all coaches ever strive for is to help improve others so they may succeed themselves!

The only reason you are paying me is for providing everything you need to succeed if only you follow instructions and execute for your health and fitness goals. You are paying for a coach, experience, mentorship, extra knowledge, and a support system that is with you every step of the way and will be able to tweak your training at any moment needed for best improvement outcomes! You are paying for yourself and paying for the determination to change yourself for the better!

Afterall we tend to respect the things we work for and pay for more than the things we don’t, right?

People invest their hard work into so many things that they do not need every single day for simple pleasures instead of for things that they truly need or could be productive from!

So don’t be afraid to invest in yourself for the better! Don’t give up! A better YOU is only ONE step ahead! You just have to want a better YOU! You have to work for it. You have to put in the work. The success will follow!

I’ve always been told if you’re good at something; never do it for FREE.

Of course, it’s always a good thing to be humble and not charge people for everything. . . which is why I decided to come out with a health awareness and nutrition blog to help others for free while also running an online business!

It’s always nice to help others, but if your profession is to better people, and to improve their body for their own personal benefits, than why not charge for your skill and time as well!
Afterall we all have bills to pay and they never stop coming!

You have to know your value and you cannot allow others to walk all over you just because they feel you aren’t valuable. You have to know your worth!
You have to fight for your value. You have to win for your success!

Truth be told, we are worth more than all the money in the world!

Vitality of a Reliable Support System!

I see people and even friends all the time go through small sessions of time when they decide they are going to go through their own fitness trials. . . Most the times I see it doesn’t last and they lose motivation or drive due to so many different variables that may occur! This is why it is so very important to have a reliable support system, in which knows the ins and outs of the industry and that has experience of the pros and cons and the ups and downs and the plateaus and having to break plateaus. This is where having this support system of a coach, mentor, nutritionist, trainer, or professional friend comes in to be detrimental to your fitness activity levels and even health! So do not let yourself down and if you need the extra push do not be afraid to invest in that extra push to make yourself better!

Remember that temporary suffering for eternal improvement is always worth it in the end! Keep on grinding dear friend!

Let’s get started together and make your body great again!

Did you know that if you increase your physical activity levels and overall start to increase your muscle mass that you will overall lose body fat regardless because of the extra calories that the new muscle mass will end up using on a daily basis! So muscle gain is such a vital key to body fat loss by default! Plus it can be fun increasing your physical activity levels and than you start to see and feel your improvements and changes and than all of a sudden someone else does and lets you know publicly. . . This is one of the most amazing times you will have during your fitness experience, because it gives you good morale, and it increasing your motivation levels and inspires you to not give up and keep doing what you are doing because even others are noticing your improvements! So always persevere and the success will always follow you!

Don’t be that miner who gives up at the end because he got tired when all he had to do was keep at it a little bit longer to hit a gold mine! Once you improve your body you are able to do so much more physically and even mentally! Make your body your own personal gold mine!

So if you are looking for a coach, mentor, nutritionist, trainer, or professional friend and still would like to train with me online anytime than join me!
We can get started and together we will make your body great again!


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11 thoughts on “Trying to lose that extra body fat? Do you need a Personal Trainer? Do I need a coach?”

  1. When I first started dieting, I tried a few different ways to try to lose weight. Counting calories, eating specific foods, and so on. Tried a few diets that seem to work at first, but had no lasting weight loss. Like many, the weight would come back and usually with a couple extra pounds each time.

    Having a coach to hold me accountable was a big help. He helped me to do the right exercises that made a differences. Just simply ones since I was never into weights. We mixed in some light weights and as I lost weight, I felt a lot better and now have been able to keep it off while try get rid of more. The big difference for me was finding a coach. This worked for me and can work for anyone else.

  2. Joshua, this is a very good blog. I think one thing that people forget is that motivation is huge and paying to have a coach keep you on track can be quite beneficial. I’ve been very physically fit all my life and in my 20’s, I thought I was ‘all that’. Then my wife and I decided to get married and I ran into a fitness coach at a party. We talked for hours and eventually we hired him to work with us for our wedding. I had no idea I was nowhere NEAR that kind of fitness level I thought I was. To this day (20 years later), I can honestly attest that we both were in our best physical shape when he was our coach and we had our wedding and honeymoon.

    So many brides/grooms to be focus so much on their actual wedding day and less on themselves. This should be something everyone should do, so they show up to their special day, being their best. I’m honestly quite surprised that all these wedding planners, don’t recommend this – especially if they want the best for their clients.

  3. This article is really helpful Joshua and I am going to send the URL to a friend of mine who is looking for a personal trainer so she may well be in touch
    All the best

  4. It’s so true about caring more about what we pay for and spend time on!

    Probably the biggest reason why paying for the gym or personal trainer helps in the long run.

    We are much more motivated when someone else is helping us to be accountable and achieve our goals

    Thanks for the post


  5. I think I need a trainer with a high voltage cattle prod lol. It is all about accountability though. I do better working at home when I have accountability buddies out there. I suppose a good personal trainer would work the same way. You are definitely right that you should charge for your time and expertise. As they say, you get what you pay for. Free sounds good but normally the results aren’t what you are hoping for. With an expert in your corner they can watch for pitfalls and their experience can bring success while avoiding pitfalls.

    Thanks for a great article.

    1. Hello there Kevin!
      Haha don’t we all need to be high voltage cattle prodded haha!
      So true, accountability and motivation can mean everything for your gains if you can’t supply it yourself!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and found the topic interesting!
      Thank you for your compliment!

    1. Hello there Natalia!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and you found the topic to be interesting!
      I’m one of those people who likes “straight to the point,” because everything works and runs so much smoother that way, for me anyways!
      Thank you so much and your welcome!

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