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You may have already seen or even heard of the dreadful weight-loss plateau that may occur when your weight-loss progress becomes constant even though your new diet habits haven’t changed.

The same phenomenon can occur with exercise; whether you are trying to build muscle, strength or definition; or boost aerobic endurance, or power; or you can reach a point where you stop seeing progress or benefits, especially if you do the same workout routine on a day to day basis.

The body has an amazing capacity to adapt. Although, when the body is busy with the same type of training intensity time after time, you will see some loss in response to that stimulus because the body has become so accustomed to that intensity. In that case, you are no longer receiving the benefits as you were previously!

Fitness plateaus have to do with the overload, adapting and progressive principles of exercise.

When your body is tested with a workout or exericise work load, such as lifting heavy weight or running fast speeds, beyond the current capability, your musculoskeletal or cardiovascular system is taken to higher levels that they were accustomed to. Adaptation is the physiological product of that. To experience consecutive fitness improvements once your body adapts and gets accustomed to, you’ll need to create improvement of the load or intensity of your workouts; otherwise, your fitness benefits can and most likely will halt.

The Perks of Periodized Training (Periodization)

Prevent a plateau from occuring or to start your fitness benefits back up after one has occurred; it’s good to start your own periodized training also known as periodization. Which means you will be changing the exercise program at regular intervals or sets to keep your body properly improving!

Think of periodization as a simple way to shock your body into a more fit stage; which you can do with both strength training and cardiovascular workout programs.

There is an 8-12 week period of time which your body will adapt to what it is you are doing; after that, there is a point of diminishing returns, and it is time to alter what it is you have been doing.

Rearrange Order of Workouts

Rearrange Order of Workouts; or as I like to call it, “ROW.”

  • If you are a weight lifter: You could simply go with the repetition range of 15-20 one day than change it up to 4-6 reps a set of heavy weights another day
  • If you are a runner: You could simply alternate comfortable runs on flat terrain with other runs that incorporate elevation and speed work
  • With cardiovascular activities: You simply could change your steady state aerobic exercises with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves high-intensity exercise intervals with periods of lower-intensity intervals.

When you are rearranging these orders of operations; you are in turn changing the stress your body has to adapt to.

Remember that fitness plateaus also can happen if you get into a psychological hole, where you are simply bored with your workouts or you develop a state of mental contentness in which you stop driving yourself with your workouts.

If you simply just put your body into autopilot and do not push your body hard and as you need for your goals and aspirations you will not receive the fitness benefits that you are looking for and deserve!

If you end up in the category of “Psychological Fitness Plateau,” you may want to consider finding a training partner to keep the morale and activity to the maximum you can!

Other Causes of Fitness Plateaus

Some other causes of fitness plateaus nobody really understands or talks about would be:

  • Not getting enough quality sleep
  • Under an excessive amount of stress
  • Overtraining

Remember if you start to lack quality sleep your body will not be repairing itself and maintaining proper standards or let alone any muscle growth! So don’t lose sleep if you are looking to build muscle! It is a vital component to your body!

Sleep = heal.

If you are under an intense amount of stress look into lowering your workout time and lower intensities so that your body isn’t over worked and has more an ability to repair and heal until you are out of the stage of intense stress!

If you are in a plateau and are still hitting your workouts heaviily and are unaware of or don’t understand why you are not improving or growing; you are simply overtraining your body. If you overtrain your body it doesn’t have the adequate time or nutrients in order for your body to repair and recover what you have already worked into your body. Leaving you in your plateau.

One Step Closer to Muscle Growth

If you have made it this far you are one step closer to muscle growth and on the way out of that horrendous fitness plateau!

Don’t give up now, keep on pushing yourself in ways you are not used to and you will inevitably see improvement!

Thank You for Reading!

Once again thank you for reading my content and I hope that if anything that I have bestowed upon you, the reader, as well as the audience with information, knowledge and wisdom to better yourself and even others if you so feel and see fit!

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Joshua – CPT, CSN, Online Entrepreneur


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17 thoughts on “The Infamous Fitness Plateau! Why you may have hit it?”

    1. @Derek

      Alright before I recommend any supplement product. I will have you know that I do not command or script you this product, but I am recommending as you ask.
      So if you have any medical problems or issues please consult a health care physician or doctor entitled to screen you with the proper procedures. That being said.

      You say your sport requires “HIGH” cardio and EXPLOSIVE power.

      This means your body is using an enormous amount of energy, and needs fuel to not shut down or to start going into shock and not resort to vital measures of caloric intake etc..

      So I would recommend as a sports nutritionist as well I must offer you advice and knowledge and a healthy eating habit as well; Which would be to carb load 30 minutes to an hour before your training of course being high cardio, that way your body has nourishment throughout a time span depending on the carb load you intake and your metabolism and the amount of calories you are burning during said time you are under stress of exercise and fitness activity.

      Notice I am saying “carb,” which is short for carbohydrates and are the main energy source of any human being alive. This is scientific fact and nutrition data. So do not skimp on your carbs as a professional cardio athlete.
      It’s no joke for your body and you could hurt or even injure your body without even knowing or when it’s too late and than you must have a rest / injury / recuperation time period because your body demands it and disables you for the time being.
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      Thank you for taking the time to read my work and to ask for advice, because that is why I am here. I am here to help others with no discrimination of any kind.

      If you ever need or want some guidance or help just shoot me an email at:


      If you’re wondering why the long reply, it’s because this is for all eyes to see, and I am here to help anyone!
      And this may in fact help others as well by just reading this reply!

      I’m always so busy with life so don’t be worried if it takes time for a reply, just know that when you get a reply that I will try my absolute best to help you as much as I possibly can so that you may succeed and improve yourself to your best potential!

      Good luck Dereck with everything and I hope to hear more from you!
      Let me know of your success and let me know if I may help you in any other way!

    1. Hehe hello Suzette! I’m so happy that I was able to help you and answer your question without you having to ask the question beforehand!
      You are so welcome and be sure to stick around for more information you may need or want to learn or know!

  1. Hi Joshua, terrific article on the pitfalls of plateauing while striving for maximum fitness. I think most folks have experienced this. I know I have. I work out in a gym 3 days a week, and do in fact follow some of your advice, in particular varying my workouts. I’ve read about Periodized Training but haven’t really tried it. I also do cardio 3 to 4 days a week mostly in the form of a racquet sport or tabata-style running/walking a few days a week to break up the momentum. You touch on sleep too in your article. That’s very important. You can’t stress it enough. Great job. I will read more of your posts. I’m not too familiar with the supplements you mention, but I will read up more about them.

    1. Hello there Bob!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this Nutrition Fitness article about the phenomenon known as the “Plateau.”
      Haha I know I have experienced many different type of plateaus whether it be physical or even mental!
      Yea there are always new supplements being created and there are always competing supplements because just like anything else it’s a business.
      I just like to choose high quality products and do what they are created for.
      After all that is what a supplement is for is to be used for beneficial gains and it won’t be a good product if it’s not high quality because it will be felt and shown!
      Yes, sleep is such a vital role in every day life and activities and especially muscle growth. You can’t grow muscles if you’re losing sleep because your body can’t heal properly; let alone heal torn muscle fibers and creating more muscle tissue is out of the scenario without the essential component of our lovely sleep and rest!
      Good luck with your aspirations and future endeavors!
      If you need any help you can reach me at my email:

  2. You have some great points in here regarding periodization. I’ve been working out 5 days a week since I was 16 years old and I’m now 37 years old. I owe a lot of my growth in muscle definition and being able to continually get good results by switching up my workouts. The guys at the gym call it “Muscle Shock” another word for periodization. Good article though and legit information. I also noticed the L-Arginine at the bottom of the page, it is awesome for getting better flow and with better blood flow the muscles when they are experiencing strain tend to last longer during workouts and grow faster.

    1. Thank you Casey!
      I’m glad that I was able to engage you with this article whether or not you already knew this information!
      Yes, muscle shock is the exact same thing! I used to use the term “muscle shock all the time,” but I feel that “periodization,” gives off a more substantial and credible noun with more impact rather a noun with a verb, just my personal preference haha!
      Congratulations on keeping up the hard work and fitness aspirations! That is an accomplishment, don’t give up and keep on going and improving for your best potential, always!
      I love how much products as such as the L-Arginine or any blood circulator with great ingredients and the right supplementation can play a vital and amazing exponential amount of growth in your fitness and health endeavors by making sure your organs and muscles stay constantly fueled!

      If you need anything you can reach me at:

    1. Hello Ruthlyn thank you for taking the time to ask for advice and leave a comment!
      I’m glad I was able to give you an article you enjoyed!

      Exercising every other day = One day fitness activities and one day off rest.
      Will this allow your body to heal itself? Sure.
      But even day to day activity your body can heal!
      The key is to switch up muscle activity day to day so that you don’t have to have a rest day every other day!
      Ex: shoulders, legs, glutes, abs, bis, tris, forearms, back, traps, chest, etc for each specific day so that the next day you workout your body is healing the previous day’s muscles while you’re capable of tearing and potentially building new muscles as well!
      It’s mainly trial and error! You must learn your body!
      So that you can have one rest week a week maybe two if you wanted while still being able to constantly train your body!

      Except: Make sure your days off you aren’t just exerting the calories or amount of food / liquids you would on a day you would workout because you could be just hurting your progress and causing your body to store fat instead of burning because it must store the excess calories it cannot burn via Basal Metabolic Rate (the rate at which your body burns calories at rest) and the amount of calories you burn throughout your day from physical activity!

      In turn to answer about your body being able to heal itself, it heals during your sleep, so if you properly fuel your body, get proper essential sleep and train accordingly your body will always heal, it’s just a matter of time and alternating muscle groups, intensities, durations, etc!

      Good luck Ruthlyn and if you need any help you can email me at:

  3. I have been doing great on my weight loss up to about 6 weeks ago and couldn’t figure out why. I realize now that I have been doing the same things far too long. Hopefully I will lose the rest of the weight that I want to by switching things up.

    1. Hello Jim!
      There can be a wide variety of variables for the reasons you are not reaching the goals you have!
      But if you need any help I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist!

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      Every body is different. It isn’t “robot training,” or “machine training,” but it is “personal training” for a reason! We have to know who it is we are training, what it is they are seeking, how we will need to get there and than we must act!
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      I am always here to help!

      Good luck and I hope the best for you!

  4. Thank you for the tips. Recently, I started back on my fitness routine. I have taken years off of working out in general. Since I have been back I can’t seem to lose any weight. I’m not sure if I hit a plateau or just can’t my body into fat burning mode. Any suggestions?


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