All information disclosed between the Client and Personal Trainer will remain confidential and will NOT be released to the public, unless the client releases the information or gives consent to the release of their information during their Personalized Personal Training Program or sessions.

Hello there friend and if you are here on this page.
You are reading about my Personalized Personal Training Packages.

Know that the price is for quality and support.
You are paying for your dedication and determination to make yourself better! Remember that. Do not be greedy with money; when your body is more important than all the money in the world!
Take care of your body! This is why you are here on this page.

You are looking for a way to lose that extra fat, improve your general health, or simply looking for a Certified Personal Trainer for your own personal and confidential coach through a mobile app so that it is convenient and easy to stay in contact with each other!

We are all so busy living our lives and forget the most important thing in our daily lives is our self and we forget to take care of our own body!

If you are needing someone to constantly motivate, inspire and look out for you the whole progress through the workout programs than you’ve come to the right trainer!

I am here to help anyone who is looking for help. Know that you will be getting a personalized personal training program I start designing after we start the consultation and beginning of the coaching and personal training process.

I will not leave you in the dark and I will be here for your guidance and help whenever you may need it!

Thank you for considering my services, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Looking forward to training you.
I’ll see you around!

Right now I have 2 Fitness Programs until more are needed and requested!
One is a 6 week time period weight loss and muscle gain package and the other one is a monthly Personal Training and Coaching package!:

1) 6 Week Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Program – $333 / one time fee

2) Monthly Personal Coaching and Training Program – $277 / month

Included Training:

  • A great beginner program made for YOU to improve to reach your goals which we will talk about and discuss! I do NOT believe in pre-built programs.
  • Every person and their body is different. It isn’t “robot training,” or “machine training,” but it is “personal training” for a reason! We have to know who it is we are training, what it is they are seeking, how we will need to get there and then we must act!
  • Program tweaks
  • Online Consultation and Coaching for convenience from any desktop or mobile device with internet access
  • Cardio routine (not always the same cardio exercises, like to change it up

This is a simple structure of how your 6 week weight loss and muscle gain program will be working! I will be here to help keep you dedicated and progressing forward!

Image below:

Click the above image to learn more about how we will do our Online training and coaching! This will be your signup page for getting ahold of me for my services. Now let’s get started on bettering your day to day life!