How Is Technology changing how we treat our Fitness in 2018? Find out more!

As time goes on and the internet grows and evolves and the people behind the scenes improve and integrate their improved skills. Technology keeps growing because people are working behind the scenes to constantly improve old and create new products!

With the ease of access of technology for so many individuals; there is no doubt that technology is expected to just keep growing in the future!

Life is becoming more robotic! Automation!

Everything we do now days in our day to day life is slowly but surely becoming more and more automated and integrated with technology or in some cases AI also known as Artificial Intelligence! Crazy if you start to think about it.

They are even working on creating restaurants operated by machines or robots!

People are being replaced by robots for labor cost savings!

Are robot chefs the thing of the future!?

How long will robots be cooking in kitchens and how long will this last?

Will robots cooking in the kitchen spread all over the earth or is it just a fad for greedy profits?

This is very interesting to me, especially since I have 6 years of prior food and beverage experience as a cook and with my years of experience in many different kitchens, knowledge and skill set now can say chef!

Mobile devices and phones; the main distraction!

When it comes to technology and distractions of your own activeness and even reality to the world and your surroundings, the mobile devices and phones are one of the greatest contributors to being distracted by fitness activity!
It is so easy now days with our capabilities of instant reply and instant publication that we are so easily distracted by all that we can do at our fingertips at any second of the day!

Since we get carried away in our own ecstacy of freedom we forget about ourselves and we get lost in a cyber world, the technology world,  where we find our own happiness or pleasures! Mobile devices and phones also contain video games, social media, and so many different activities in which anyone can get easily distracted for so many hours and we only have so many hours in one day so it is so easy to get lost and not have time for fitness activities due to lack of time management and prioritization! Since we are on the topic of mobile devices and phones I will go ahead and bring up the mobile app food delivery and ordering through technology also plays a part in individuals and their fitness distractions as well!

These “scientific miracle pills” and “miracle treatments”! Don’t be fooled!

It’s a sad day in life when you see doctor’s out there offering medication when they should be offering nutrition advice with physical activity advice rather than a medication for profits.
These pills you waste money on although if they do what they say they may do; will most definitely have an affect on your body in a negative way, because first off your body isn’t suppose to live off of medication.
If you treated yourself and your body the way you should than you wouldn’t have to try to find a “miracle pill,” or a “miracle treatment.” After all once you run out of your product or duration of affectiveness from your treatment; you will only revert to what it is you work for. If you don’t work for fitness and nutrition than you will show it.

So just take better care of yourself and be careful what doctors may tell you! Sometimes a doctor is just trying to sell to you!

You should know better than to believe these “miracle pills,” and “miracle treatments,” when in fact they all have horrendous side effects, outcomes, or horrible viable supportive information and are most times if not always bias with little to zero fact on pure beneficial outcomes!
If you simply just take the time, put in the effort, and you persevere than you will always succeed and nothing will stop you! So don’t go looking for that “miracle pill,” or “miracle treatment,” because honestly those people who try to sell you those items are wrong for misinforming you about intaking or partaking in activities that can be detrimental to your body and health and maybe even deadly! I mean after all, health and fitness is so easy to achieve and maintain if only you change your mindset, give your own effort for yourself, and persevere.

That is all you need to succeed! Don’t give up! You got this!

Netflix and chill. . . or. . . NAH!

So many people now days are stuck on watching television and movies over and over again, but in reality are not being productive or doing anything productive that will better their self or improve their self! Don’t get me wrong, I am not picking on any one or judging, but from personal experience I had to get rid of all my distractions and activities that were detrimental to my health in any and all ways! Honestly I got tired of waiting for new shows when I was into television and now that I have rid myself of that want and priority. I have no need for television!
So I tell you this, be careful on what it is you do all the time because it will consume you and you will not even realize it.
So be sure that you do more things that you love and that are beneficial for you!

Your time is valuable and it depends on what you do with it; if it becomes beneficial for you!

The Gaming Industry and Fitness degression!

This is kind of a big topic for me because I used to be so into gaming and pretty much lived my day to day life for gaming. Gaming was the cause of me becoming the heaviest I’ve ever been and at my most fat stage of my life at 300+ lbs!

I reluctantly was able to put a stop to that and have changed my life for the better!

Although I am not judging or pointing fingers. . .
However I will say that due to the entertainment aspect and popularity to all aspects of people; it is a huge distraction from day to day life in general and easily to fitness activities!

I mean now days they have growing fields in video game development, video game testing, video game streaming, and even extreme gaming competitions with high amount real world currency payouts!

It is so easy to be distracted in a world of one game let alone so many different games! They also are developing and releasing new games so often now days and on all different technology platforms now days as well!

Haha forgive me I didn’t mean to make you pay more attention to your day to day life and your surroundings, but it’s the truth! We are living it and we must pay more attention to better our body and keep our body healthy!

Thank You for Reading!

Once again thank you for reading my content and I hope that if anything that I have bestowed upon you, the reader, as well as the audience with information, knowledge and wisdom to better yourself and even others if you so feel and see fit!

Until next time,


Joshua – CPT, CSN, Online Entrepreneur

14 thoughts on “How Is Technology changing how we treat our Fitness in 2018? Find out more!”

  1. Hi Joshua,
    It’s technology is both a blessing and a curse, it gives us access to so much that many people especially our young ones, have decided to give reality a miss and spend their time inside the web. The fact that it’s so easy now to do nothing and not get bored has led to epidemic like levels in children’s obesity, diabetes, even heart disease and a myriad of other ill health effects. It’s a topic that needs to be discussed more.

    1. Hello Cambell, yes it sure can be!
      I’m glad that this article interested you and you enjoyed it!
      This is a topic that really is just blind-sided by because it’s more habit now days for people to use technology!
      Thank you!

  2. Thanks… I enjoyed reading this.

    I agree when you say doctors should be offering nutrition advice instead of offering medication. I don’t like medication… they are full of chemicals.

    Too often I see commercials on medications and then the commentator mentions all the side effects. That is very scary.

    Like you say, health and fitness is a mindset… I believe if a person really wants to feel good physically and mentally, they have to want to make the effort to it. This means ‘doing it’.

    1. Hello Monica!
      I’m happy to see you enjoy this article and are interested in this topic!
      It’s such a controversial topuc.. Nobody really wants to talk about it haha..
      But it is the truth! It is so overlooked and needs more attention for us all to improve ourselves as well!
      Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much for this great post! I have been trying so hard to focus more on nutrition, like you said, but its so easy to get sucked into technology and lose hours each day! You’re right it all adds up so quickly, we’re missing our lives! I’m going to take your advice and get more focused on whats going on off screen! Thank you!

    1. Hello Kitty!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this article and found this topic interesting!
      So true, technology is so easy to get sucked into haha so I’ve turned my phone into my music device of choice to make me stay away from using my phone as much as possible haha.
      Thank you so much and your welcome!

  4. Very well put. I too believe that many people are sitting way too much, whether it is playing games or watching TV, people need to be way more active. I was way overweight myself and have been able to lose just under 40 lbs and feel so much more energetic and alive now. It is a snowball effect once you start to lose you get more energy and then you are more active and then you keep losing weight. At least for me, it has been anyway. Great article.

    1. Thank you Frank!
      Yes the more you are active and the more muscle your body builds from activity plus the extra calories you burn through this activity also play a role!
      The more active you are the more likely you are to constantly lose fat and have more energy!
      Thank you so much!

  5. I love your article! Very spot on! Yes I do not like prescriptions too, I love to move around Too! Our lifestyle nowadays reflects how bad the health and nutrition nowadays. Everything seems to be instant.

  6. Excellent article! I agree with all the points you made in the article. It seems even within the past decade alone how much technology has changed things. It’s easy to get sucked into it and lose so much time. I believe there can be a balance, but it seems people have difficult finding it.

    1. Thank you David!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this article and found this topic interesting!
      So true! Need a system for everything and once you figure out your own system, it’s clockwork!

    1. Hello Melinda!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this article and found the topic interesting!
      That is so amazing to hear! I’m so glad that you have a treadmill desk!

      Not many people know that a treadmill desk is even a thing and if people can even make it viable to health and productivity!
      It is actually a great way of being productive and multitasking to a greater life!
      Multiple birds with one stone!

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