What do I spend on Nutrition?

In order for us to be able to find out if we can save money on nutrition we first must find out what we spend on our nutrition in the first place! This can be on so many different products or events of our very own choosing! Check out below!


  • It’s insane on the amount of alcohol and beer people will go through. I have been one of them, but I have luckily turned my page from that and try not to spend much if any on this category of nutrition.

Fast Food

  • It’s insane how much fast food has grown and how acceptable and the variety of locations all over. It’s also understandable seeing as everyone is always on the go and so busy now days and never want to cook for themselves! I used to spend so much on fast food now I catch myself thinking about it at times that I feel I need it and then I tell myself that I truly don’t need it and that I can wait to get home to eat that I am not going to die if I wait to get home! It’s crazy how much people spend in general on fast food throughout the entire globe!

Convenience Food/Snacks/Fruits/etc

  • These can be often as the impulse buys in stores or simply overeating through the night! Although it’s not always bad to eat at night, but if you’re already eating so much at night and than start munching at night than this can play a role in your budget for your nutrition as well!

Deli/Cafe Foods

  • These can be impulse buys or simply just out on lunch break or stopping to get something to eat during your ride! Whatever it may be, this also takes a bite to your nutrition budget so just be aware of that!

Bars/Restaurants/Fine Dining Meals

  • All of these are great places to enjoy time and are also a great place to waste time and money as well! Sure it may be nice to go out and have a nice time but is it really viable or vital to your health? If anything it can end up being detrimental to your health if you are not paying attention to it! Just be careful!


  • Oh we are all guilty of candies, desserts and pastry cravings and buying them when we want them! Just know that they contain a lot of calories and it is hard for your body to break down sugars and you don’t get much good energy or calories from these so just remember that moderation and balance is always great to use

Midnight and later snacks

  • It’s not always a bad thing to eat at later times due to your schedule and routine of activity, work, etc. Although it can cause you to spend more money on your nutrition if you are not careful with this! Sometimes it’s better to ignore that craving, do something to preoccupy your mind or even go to sleep if you need to

Public Events/Entertainment Food and Beverage Services

  • This is such a huge waste of money because there are public events and entertainment events all the time! We all love hanging out with our friends but let’s be honest, we need to drink and we need to eat and if we’re in a public setting with people all over having a great time and all sudden we get hungry or thirsty we are most likely going to spend some money if not a lot of money in order to enjoy our time with others! So just be careful to what you do and even how you do things! You can always substitute in order to not spend so much on your nutrition

What would happen if we started grocery shopping for our Nutrition?

The main reason I state “grocery shopping” is because there is so much product being wasted all over and is being overstocked all over. So if instead we invested in products that we could use to better yourself instead of investing in products that aren’t necessarily bettering yourself!

I mean anyone would say go hunt, although I am not against hunting, but not everyone has a need for hunting. Not everyone hunts for survival anymore. There is plenty of meats in stores all over that are being wasted all the time! Why not try to help put some of these good products to use instead of wasting them all the time!

If you decide to start grocery shopping for your nutrition you will be able to create anything with no limits unlike other sources of nutrition that do not have those freedoms and you must choose certain arrangements or else you do not get something because you didn’t like anything offered.

Now that you have these freedoms, realize there are so many different varieties of the same product, this means that you do not have to always use the most expensive ingredients! After all if the product is the same product all you need is moderation and balance and you are set!

A lot of the time a little can go a very long way! So be smart with your food intake and it will end up saving you money and time!
You are able to choose the content, quantity, quality, also known as what and how much you want to buy! You are able to stockpile nutrition sources for days if not purchase on a daily basis or whenever you feel you need to restock your food sources! Afterall some ingredients, it just makes sense to buy in bulk because of the stability and longevity it has before going bad!

Now a real big issue these days in the food and beverage industry are food allergies and cross contamination, because nobody really lets anybody know if they have an allergy before eating something anymore. Haha I joke but that’s what it feels like. You would think that people would be more careful but sometimes that’s not the case! If you have any kind of food allergy, if you start grocery shopping for your own food sources than you have control of what you are intaking and it is much easier not to be a victim of cross contamination of food poisoning.
So there really are so many great benefits to purchasing your own groceries for your nutrition!

Savings made from grocery shopping!

Now let’s see, alcohol, beer, fast food, convenience food, snacks, fruits, etc, deli, cafe foods, bars, restaurants, fine dining meals, candies, desserts, pastries, midnight and later snacks, public events, entertainment food and beverage services can all be a major budget killer and can eat a hole into your wallet and bank account if not paid the proper attention to and prioritization as well! I’m not saying that you have to get rid of anything, but I will point out what is slowing you down for your nutrition gains! Facts! You can save so much money by switching to grocery shopping for your only food source and stopping your impulse purchasing on separate food sources! This will help you on tremendous levels!
Since you are getting all your groceries and bringing them into your home you have no need for transportation costs as much as you did when you had to go to different places for your nutrition!
So don’t skimp out on all the savings you can be doing to your nutrition budget!

Health benefits and gains from grocery shopping!

If you start grocery shopping, when you eat, you will not be eating as much calories in one sitting as you would be somewhere else than your groceries at home as long as you properly proportion and moderate yourself!
This will allow you to control your calorie intake directly more efficiently than elsewhere!
This way you will be able to proportion vital nutrients and vitamins through moderation and a variety of foods from your own choosing instead of someone else’s choice!

Overall when you start grocery shopping and changing your eating habits than you will receive overall better health and even energy levels than overeating or lacking nutrients or by eating too many calories! There are so many great benefits to just simply going grocery shopping, but also by utilizing your groceries instead of forgetting about them and wasting your time and money when your away from home! Remember that you can wait to get home and than take care of yourself with the product you got yourself ahead of time!
Don’t forget to take care of yourself because nobody will take care of you for you!

Thank You for Reading!

Once again thank you for reading my content and I hope that if anything that I have bestowed upon you, the reader, as well as the audience with information, knowledge and wisdom to better yourself and even others if you so feel and see fit!

Until next time,


Joshua – CPT, CSN, Online Entrepreneur


11 thoughts on “How can I save money on Nutrition?”

  1. Hey Joshua! Very nice article! I like the way you elaborate on how to save. You giving us great tips! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Hello Carole!
      I’m glad you found the topic interesting and enjoyed the article!
      I thought I had to elaborate on how you could save so that the article could mean a lot more for others who read it!
      I try to help as much as I can!
      It’s all about teamwork!
      Your welcome I’m glad I was able to share this with you all!
      Thank you so much!

  2. So true, great article. The beer/alcohol is a killer and makes absolutely no sense when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle (I realize easier said then done). Trying to be mindful about where we’re spending our money, what we’re putting in our bodies and investing in our groceries is such good advice, thank you!

    1. Hello there Jolene!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and found the topic interesting!
      Haha for sure easier said than done, which is why I spoke about it how I did.
      I just wanted the facts so that others could see their reality.
      Your welcome and I just figured that this article could help so many people in this world.
      Not many people realize what they intake and consume on a daily basis, because they are simply just in autopilot or not worried about it!
      Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks Joshua for tips on saving money towards our nutrition. One way I’ve learned to save on grocery shopping, is to eat before I go. I have spent to much on junk i usually will not eat when I have went shopping on an empty stomach . Thank you

    1. Hello Donald!
      I’m glad you found the topic interesting and enjoyed the article!
      Haha so true! I don’t know how many times I went for food while I was hungry and at the moment of checking out and look at the amount that is just racking up on the register…
      I’m just like Oh My God.. What have I done.. Hahahaha
      I don’t go grocery shopping until I have already ate, needless to say!
      Your welcome and thank you so much!

  4. This is a great reminder of how much money can be wasted on food. I’m terrible with convenience stores because it’s always just “one little thing” in my mind. Then I end up with a drink to go with that and now I’ve spent $5-10 and I do it several times a week!! The difficulty of grocery shopping more is that it seems like I have a hard time using it before it goes bad (produce, meats and stuff). Is it better to just go more frequently and get less stuff? I just don’t like going to the store so I buy what I think will last me a week or more. I’m a terrible planner, so maybe I just need to plan my meals better. Definitely something I’m working on right now!

    Thanks for the great info!

    1. Hello there TJ!
      It’s crazy how much we can thoughtlessly spend on a day to day basis when we could be doing so much better!
      Honestly it just depends on you and your home and how much you intake / consume a day/weekly basis.
      I personally shop for 1-2 weeks at a time, but obviously some products/ingredients you have to purchase more often!
      I really can’t tell you how ofter is best for groceries, that is simply a preference variable measured off of the consumption of the household/individuals for the day/week/whatever time span you want.
      Get a notepad so you can visually write and see what you are intaking/consuming on daily basis if not weekly and than go from there!
      You have to start somewhere and if you don’t know, than best thing is a pen and paper so you can visually learn for yourself!
      Your welcome!
      Good luck and thank you so much!

  5. Hey Joshua! You’ve certainly captured the elaborate ways that can wreak havoc on our wallets as well as given us key tips to putting that money back in. I am especially bad when it comes to eating fast food and my husband estimates that my eating out habits can be a house bill all its own. That’s no good. I am taking on the initiative of working on cutting out the fast food and just eating home cooked meals. Not only will it help with the budget but it is also a healthier option for my family. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hello Cynthia!
      Haha yes, it’s amazing at how we can destroy our wallets so quickly because of our stomach!
      Great news! It’s a great thing when you start wanting to cook and eat at home!
      You end up feeling better and eating better as well!
      Good luck and I wish you the best of luck!
      Your so very welcome!
      I’m glad this article was enjoyable and interesting for you!
      Thank you so much!

  6. This is an amazing educational read. Thank you so much for breaking this down for us. Impulse buys and late night snacking has been my deal because I suffer depression. I used to think buying nutritionally was expensive. Actually all of that other stuff is.

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