Welcome dearest guests and friends to www.nutritionwithsupplements.com!

A simple blog I’ve made from my personal life and experience through trial and error and failure!

This isn’t your typical nutrition or supplement website but more of a hybrid for something new!

I am not the strongest man alive nor do I want to be. I have stretch marks all over my body as you can see in this picture. I am proud of my stretch marks because they made me who I am and are reminders of what I’ve done. My stretch marks are a mark of success! I am a real person just like you, my reader, so do not judge me but instead learn from me because we all have stories and knowledge to be shared with each other!

I like to inform others with helpful and beneficial information so that they are able to improve!

I got certified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, but to me in my mind a piece of paper doesn’t necessarily define who or what someone knows. There are teachers all over the world teaching things that are wrong or teaching subjects they do not even understand or properly know themselves yet they have their paper that says they know better.

The Grind

I started out extremely overweight and allowed my body to get to 300+ lbs and I am only 5’7″ tall!

After I realized my weight I broke back to reality and noticed that I was getting carried away and just killing my body for no good reason at all.

I got into the health and fitness mindset and lifestyle.

Exercising, lifting weights, and bodybuilding (Pretty much became my own Personal Trainer).

Water became my best friend, and I drank more water than I could think about, but only because it was my body telling me when I needed to drink.

I supplemented everything I needed extra for my body to improve and not just be stable or even lack due to over-working and not receiving enough of for proper functionability or efficiency!

Although I definitely didn’t have the lifestyle for a long time than I finally stuck it through with discipline and acknowledgment of what was more important in my life took over my mind and to better myself was the only option. I had to move forward and I had to succeed!


I am now mentally, physically and spiritually sound and at peace. I am roughly 220 lbs and I can squat 405 lbs 50 times in one set now! I like to make my heavy lifting as my ‘cardio’ supplement sometimes as well. It is an awesome test of strength and stamina and it is a great body improvement! I train differently than some just as some train different from I; that is the beauty of life and personal training is that we are all different and there are infinite possibilities of training and teachings! I exercise 5-7 days a week; while taking rest on weeks to make up for the extensiveness. The sessions are minimum of 1 hour sometimes being more if I’m feeling it and have the time to get the pump in! I train until my heart, body and spirit is fulfilled not just my time limit or reps or sets. I am jamming music and just pushing my muscles so they grow! Put in work and receive results! That goes with any and everything!

To Inform Who Does Not Know

There are people all over the world who will criticize supplements and say they are wrong and bad. Yet they are just supplements and if used properly with scientific proof and studies constantly and constantly being updated!

If you eat plenty yet none or little is nutritious. How do you function properly?

Simple. Supplements.

The elderly need supplements right? Because their bodies are aging and degrading and simply just breaking down!

Bodybuilders, athletes and all sorts of professionals and even regular day people are taking supplements for that extra boost, and for that extra gain of improvement and growth that comes from supplementing your body with extra vitamins, nutrients and chemicals your body either already has, already makes, or has a role for it to play!

Supplements are a vital role for disease prevention as well!

Our body only creates so much before we need to supply it with more chemicals, or else we break down and die!

That is life!

Learn before you leave

I only hope if you came to this community is that you leave with extra knowledge and extra confidence to become better or to not judge someone for a simple chemical compound that is not bad yet is only for beneficial uses if used properly!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Joshua – CPT, CSN, Online Entrepreneur



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