7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Healthy Living and Day to Day Life!

1)  Smile!

Yes, you may be piled beyond the ceiling in troubles or even worries. Just know that you should smile, because there is no need to worry! You will persevere and you will make it through! Just keep smiling! Sometimes it’s really tough, but it’s even tougher to smile in those times which make it even more beneficial!

2)  Get up and move!

Yes, be active! You will only gain more energy and happiness through activity! You will achieve more success through moving than being stationary! So get up and move with a purpose!

3)  Write reachable goals!

If you don’t have goals than how do you know if you are to progress? If you do not have goals than how do you achieve for improvement before if you are not trying to reach something more than before? Write goals! Even more than goals. Be sure that you are writing reachable goals so that you can mark them off, congratulate yourself, and then write more goals so that you constantly are improving and dedicated for reaching your goals! You can always do better in something! We are not perfect!

4)  1..2..3.. Breathe!

You are doing great. Don’t give up. Take a deep breathe and keep breathing!

5)  Love everything! Even the pain and suffering!

It takes more energy and hate than anything to do anything but love. So just love. You will persevere and do and see much greater things than you ever have before!

6)  Help someone with anything!

If you by chance notice, see, or even hear someone who needs help and by chance you instantly know the solution; help them! It’s always nice and great to help others, because in the end you only receive more the more you give! That’s life! So always when you have a moment help that person in need, because you never know how much you help and improve that person’s mentality and character just by your act of simple kindness!

7)  Pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that you are worthy! Be proud! Be a lion!

Yes, give yourself some credit, this life is not easy. We all have such rough events that we experience in our lives! Don’t worry, just keep improving and striving for something more! You are worth more than you are ever told! So don’t ever stop wanting and working for more, because you are worth whatever it is you work for!

Thank You for Reading!

Once again thank you for reading my content and I hope that if anything that I have bestowed upon you, the reader, as well as the audience with information, knowledge and wisdom to better yourself and even others if you so feel and see fit!

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Joshua – CPT, CSN, Online Entrepreneur


9 thoughts on “7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Healthy Living and Day to Day Life!”

  1. I definitly need to give myself more credit than what I’m am. Going for life goals not just for myself but for my family are not always easy or smooth going. I to have found that loving myself and the things I come across on my journey makes things easier to handle. Thank you for that reminder Joshua, and great post.

  2. I love these tips, there’s so much that we can influence in our own lives with a positive attitude, a smile, and accepting everything whether its a positive or negative situation. Great post!

    1. Thank you Christina, I’m glad that you enjoyed the article and found it interesting!
      I figured they work for me and anyone that I have instilled into have also benefited from and it only spreads!

    1. Hello Andy!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this article and found this topic interesting!
      I try to off the greatest advice I can!
      I’m glad you came across this article!
      Good luck!

  3. Joshua, you are right on the money with your 7 recommendations….you and I are in total agreement. In fact, your thoughts are reflected in my writings in my articles. Looking forward in following you. Thanks.

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